The Next Camera – Nikon D800 Pre-Ordered

I have been keeping a watchful eye on the camera market recently to see if any of the new mirror-less systems were maybe worth adding to the kit-bag as a smaller, more portable alternative to my SLRs. Sadly, none of them seem to be able to tick all the boxes. They’ve either got neat, feature-packed bodies but a poor selection of oversized lenses (Sony NEX), good selection of lenses but poor sensor performance compared to DSLR (Samsung, Panasonic, etc.) or we have the “nearly there” Fujis which seem to have most of the boxes ticked but suffer from bugs, glitches and/or poor design aspects. Nikon’s “soccer mum” 1 series does not appeal either. So, a mirror-less system isn’t for me just yet. Of course, the Fuji X-Pro1 is just around the corner but at £1,700 body only and about £500 for a lens, that would buy me the new Nikon D800.  Well… let’s put that another way, it IS going to buy me the new Nikon D800.

Nikon D800

The D800 will be Nikon’s long awaited and highly anticipated successor to the D700. Not exactly an upgrade of the D700 as it boasts a massive 36 megapixel sensor, three times the size of the D700’s sensor – that’s getting into medium format territory. The RAW photo files alone will be in the region of 75 Mbytes in size so potential owners need to ensure their computer performance and storage is up to the mark. High resolution sensors are more demanding of technique and lenses but, get it right and the results should be nothing short of amazing, especially for landscape, studio and macro shots.

For my kind of photography which incorporates a high proportion of landscape and macro, this SLR is right up my street. The camera starts shipping in late March but with huge demand, I don’t expect to get mine until April at the earliest. Never mind, I’ve still got my D700 and D7000 to play with until then.

Anyway, if you wish to drool over the specs of this camera and read a neat little preview, go to