The Lost World & Angel Falls 2011

A two week trip in Venezuela to ascend Auyan Tepui, the plateau mountain from which the Angel Falls cascades and a trip to the falls themselves.

Angel Falls

Places visted: Caracas, Ciudad Bolivar, Uruyen, Top of Auyan Tepui, Canaima, Angel Falls, Chichirivichi.

Daily Itinerary at a glance:

  • Overnight stay in Caracas
  • Day’s drive to Ciudad Bolivar
  • Flight in light aircraft to Uruyen
  • Trek to and explore Uruyen Canyon
  • Trek to Guarayaca Camp.
  • Trek to El Penon
  • Ascent to El Libertador (Auyan Tepui)
  • Explore summit of Auyan Tepui
  • Descent to El Penon
  • Descent to Uruyen
  • Fly to Canaima
  • Canoe Trip and Trek to Angel Falls
  • Return to Canaima
  • Fly to Ciudad Bolivar & Caracas
  • Trip to Chichivirichi
  • Return to Caracas

Having reached my half-century, part of the reason for doing this trip was to see if I was still capable of a true “challenging” adventure that would test my physical and mental capabilities. This was to be no “walk in the park”, pointed out quite emphatically in the trip details and the fact you had to declare an excellent level of fitness upon applying.  I knew that if I wasn’t to end up as a liability and embarass myself, I would need to get significantly fitter than I was when I first booked the trip. Thus, after my birthday celebrations, began a health and fitness regime of running, cutting out alcohol and dietary discipline for 4 months.

It paid off because, although the ascent and descent of Auyan Tepui could claim to be one of the toughest treks I’ve done, it was completed without any major hiccups. A feat I’m quite proud of.

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2 responses

  1. Shame we won´t be venturing there! Looks beautiful, definitely one for the future! Just booking up the Inca Trail which promises to be pretty immense! Love your website Dave, didn´t realise you had done this, i need to get some tips from you!!

    • One for another year perhaps? Thing is, you’ll have the wanderlust bug well and truly now that you’ve done all you’ve done. Two weeks in Skegness each year aint gonna satisfy your taste for the more adventurous holidays you will have acquired.

      Did this website because my own hosted one stopped working after I changed my broadband to BT. Seeing your site gave me the idea to go with WordPress.

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