QuickLook No. 2: Fuji X100S Film Simulation Modes

The Fujifilm X100S has 10 Film Simulation modes that can be used when JPEG output is selected. An example of each follows; Continue reading


Shallow DOF (Depth Of Field): The simplest but most effective technique.

Shallow DOF

A straightforward scene; my coffee table with the Fuji X100S and the latest copy of the RPS Journal (with a few other bits and bobs). Not the most exciting or imaginative of photographic compositions but one that can adequately demonstrate the power of, what is arguably, the single most effective technique in photography that can make almost any subject matter worth a glance – Shallow Depth Of Field (commonly abbreviated to DOF). Continue reading

Camera Nirvana: The Ultimate Trio

I’ve done a fair amount of swapping, chopping and changing over the last year or two since my last three longer-term companions, namely the Nikon D700, D7000 and Canon G12. The D700 and a Nikkor 28-300mm lens was sold off in order to get the all new and revolutionary Nikon D800 which was creating such a buzz at the time you could feel the vibration. I was an early adopter having pre-ordered, a move which I now regret but that’s a different story (see previous post). Continue reading