QuickLook No. 2: Fuji X100S Film Simulation Modes

The Fujifilm X100S has 10 Film Simulation modes that can be used when JPEG output is selected. An example of each follows;

1.) Provia / Standard

FS-Provia Std-a

 2.) Velvia / Vivid

FS-Velvia Vivid-a

 3.) Astia / Soft

FS-Astia Soft-a

4.) Pro Neg Hi

FS-Pro Neg Hi-a

5.) Pro Neg Std

FS-Pro Neg Std-a

6.) B & W


7.) Monochrome + Yellow Filter


8.) Monochrome + Red Filter


9.) Monochrome + Green Filter


10.) Sepia


Of course, there are numerous Film Simulation plug-ins and filters which can be acquired and employed as part of the post-processing workflow within Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. and these will provide a greater variety of types and settings  to play with. However, if you’re just not into the post-processing thing and prefer the OOC images as they are then at least these in-camera film simulations give you some flexibility on the overall look and feel. Apart from the obvious differences between colour, black & white and sepia, the differences between the individual modes are quite subtle. Provia Standard is the default mode for the camera. My personal preference is for Pro Neg Hi but it really does depend upon what I’m shooting.


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