Two Free 12″ x 8″ High Quality Prints going to a Local Business


I’m on the hunt for a local shop window/public office small business who are willing to display the above two high quality and exclusive photographic prints on a customer facing wall. They are both locally taken, the first of a Rape Seed field in full bloom adjacent to the Ridgeway, Burntwood and the second of a poppy field on the corner of the new Lichfield/Walsall Road roundabout.

They will be mounted in Quartz Acrylic which, even at base prices, costs £100 each. Therefore, I wouldn’t normally be looking to sell these for any less than £150. That’s two mounted prints with a value of no less than £300 (am I crazy or what!)

Obviously, there’s a motive to this. I get some free but subtle advertising, you get two nice pictures to hang up on your wall. The only criteria is that you are a small local business located in Burntwood, Chasetown or Lichfield, have a shop or office that is open to public customers and you hang them up where these customers can see them.

If you’re reading this and fit the bill, what are you waiting for? Get in touch by calling me on 07557 569043 or email


Late Summer Madness – Prices Slashed!

Yes folks! I think the summer heatwave has finally got to me. I’m slashing the prices of all my services until the end of August this year.

  • 50% off any Portrait bookings. That’s just £25.00 for a two hour photo shoot.
  • 20% off Wedding Packages. Base price will now start at £400.00
  • 50% off the rate for Function & Event Coverage. That’s just £20.00 per hour
  • Special deals for Commercial work. A “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” approach.

Any cheaper and I’d become a NFP organisation! Seriously though, I need to prove to you guys I can take the kind of photos you want and not just the kind I want. I know I can but I don’t have enough example work to show that at the moment on my website. I’m seriously lacking portrait and wedding shots because, quite simply, I just haven’t got round to doing many as DCP is a new commercial venture even though I’ve been using a camera for twice as long as the career I had in IT – and that was for twenty years!

Take a look at my galleries on The general feedback I get is pretty positive, i.e. most who view them seem to think that I know how to take a good photo. What do you think?