QuickLook No. 2: Fuji X100S Film Simulation Modes

The Fujifilm X100S has 10 Film Simulation modes that can be used when JPEG output is selected. An example of each follows; Continue reading


QuickLook No. 1: Fuji X100s Advanced Filter – Toy Camera

I’ll be doing a series of “QuickLook” posts covering an individual feature of one of the cameras I currently own, showing it’s effect on the images that are produced. To start off, I’m looking at the Advanced filters of the Fuji X100s with the first one in the list – Toy Camera.

Now, I’m pretty sure I’m correct in saying that us “serious” photographers have a tendency to look down on in-camera filter effects as being rather gimmicky and they’re not a feature we’ve had a tendency to use much, if at all, in our day-to-day photography. However, with the increase in popularity of mobile apps like Instagram and the nostalgic 35mm film looks we serious photographers seem to be wanting to achieve more and more of these days, the in-built effects filters are beginning to gain a little more respect. There’s no doubt that they’re quite fun to use on the odd occasion but can they really hold a place in a professional photographer’s workflow?

Let’s take a look at the Toy Camera effect in the Fuji X100s. It describes this filter as being a retro (nostalgic) look giving darkened borders

Standard Shot:

Dave Carter Photography












Toy Camera:

Dave Carter Photography














So, we get vignetting (with some pretty heavy banding) and a yellowy tone applied to the photo.

I can’t remember ever having a “toy” camera. All the ones I had were proper ones. What is a toy camera anyway? Surely it would be one of those plastic oversized brightly covered kiddies playthings having a large shutter button that squeaked when thumped but didn’t actually take photos. Anyway, I like effects, I use them a lot in my post-processing but, sadly, this one doesn’t do it for me. I can’t see me using this filter at all (apart from when I’m writing articles about it). Hmmm! Looks like maybe they are just a gimmick after all. We’ll see as this is just the first one.

Rating: 2 / 10