I’ve been actively involved in music, albeit off and on, for most of my life. Since a very early age, I’d nurtured a strong desire to play the drums. That dream was realised through having played the drums in a few bands over most of my twenties and early thirties. I thought my playing days were over when I left University and sold the kit but the odd and occasional urge to get behind a kit again remained. Seventeen years passed and now I find myself back behind a kit again in another band and I’m loving it.

Me On Drums

I’d also had a thing about guitar too so, in my early twenties, I learned to play guitar – a slow process as, unlike the drums, there was no natural flair attached to this instrument. A certain stubborn attitude and willingness not to give up paid off though and, after about 6 months, I finally got to a stage where I could bash out a decent tune. I bought myself a nice Acoustic guitar, one which I still have and play to this day – a Yamaha FG430S. There have been long periods of time where I just didn’t feel inclined to play and the Yamaha spent a good few years up in the loft. However, a few years ago, after a conversation with some acquaintances about music, I decided to retrieve the guitar, give it a good polish and a new set of strings and get playing again. The sound of an acoustic guitar is really something special and it really made me wonder why I’d not bothered for so long.

The music has certainly seen somewhat of a renaissance in recent times. The acquisition of recording gear and a couple of new guitars has stoked the fires of enthusiasm once more and the repertoire of songs is coming along nicely. There’s a strong desire to keep it up too – I’d be a fool not to.