Late Summer Madness – Prices Slashed!

Yes folks! I think the summer heatwave has finally got to me. I’m slashing the prices of all my services until the end of August this year.

  • 50% off any Portrait bookings. That’s just £25.00 for a two hour photo shoot.
  • 20% off Wedding Packages. Base price will now start at £400.00
  • 50% off the rate for Function & Event Coverage. That’s just £20.00 per hour
  • Special deals for Commercial work. A “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” approach.

Any cheaper and I’d become a NFP organisation! Seriously though, I need to prove to you guys I can take the kind of photos you want and not just the kind I want. I know I can but I don’t have enough example work to show that at the moment on my website. I’m seriously lacking portrait and wedding shots because, quite simply, I just haven’t got round to doing many as DCP is a new commercial venture even though I’ve been using a camera for twice as long as the career I had in IT – and that was for twenty years!

Take a look at my galleries on The general feedback I get is pretty positive, i.e. most who view them seem to think that I know how to take a good photo. What do you think?